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Midflow Products

Profire FSI Flare Pilot


Harsh Environment Flare Pilot


Length: 70" Overall

Thermocouple: 1/4" Inconel Type K   

Nozzle: 316 Stainless Steel, Inconel Nozzle Option



  • Internal, Protected Ignition Rod
  • Natural Gas or Propane Orifices Available
  • Easy installation: No wires, no bushings, no rod adjustments
  • Optimized long-life burner assembly
  • Naturally aspirated NG Mixer with #60 orifice to reduce freeze up
  • Core assembly (inside cylinder) protected from extreme heat
  • Integrated wind diffuser to protect pilot flame in all weather conditions
  • Backup flame ionization (Requires PF2100F)
  • Unique Fireflex wire insulator (optional) to resist heat and flame damage
  • Additional Mounting Hardware Provided
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FSI - MFS 60in Flare Pilot.jpg