Services we Provide


  • Pre-Packaged Burner Management Systems (BMS) 

   Midflow offers a pre-assembled code valve train package along with burner and control components. The complete system can be shipped to an OEM for install on new equipment, or it can be sent to the field for install on new or existing equipment. Midflow will design and size the custom package for your equipment and heat needs.                   

  • Combustion Analysis Testing 

     Providing warranty commissioning for our BMS package ensures peak reliability, and performance. Which means better efficiency and less down time for you. As part of our commissioning service our technicians will test flue gas emissions using our combustion analyzer CPU. This allows us to make adjustments to the burner and fuel gas to ensure peak efficiency. 

  • Fire DeTection 

Installing a fire loop into your equipment protects personnel and equipment assets from costly fire damage. By alarming at the first sign of fire. Using Linear heat Detection cable we are able to signal a warning to shut off equipment. 

  • Pressure Relief Valve/Wash-out Monitoring Systems

A pressure relief event Whether from a RElief Valve or coil washout can lead to a CATASTROPHIC site fire or explosion. WE've developed a patent pending device to monitor these areas. Able to alarm of any pressure event our mIDFLOW GlycolCap and mIDFLOW REliefCap devices cAN SAVE EQUIPMENT AND PERSONNEL FROM DANGEROUS SITUATIONS CAUSED BY OVER PRESSURIZATION.   

  • Burner Optimization/Tuning

     Cleaner more efficient combustion in your equipment dictates fuel efficiency, heat transfer,  emissions, and down time due to carbon build up. With the help of our combustion Analyzer and years of experience we are able to tune in the fuel/air mixture, supply pressure, burner orifice, and stack draft to achieve peak combustion efficiency.  

  • High Pressure Valve Line

     Midflow offers a full line of API 6A rated gate valves for a variety of up and midstream applications.  

  • Field BMS retro-fit 

    Midflow provides a wide range retro-fit packages that are fit specifically to your needs. Our team is able to remove old equipment and install a new system quickly to ensure the least amount of downtime possible. Midflow has installed hundreds of retro-fits, helping customers achieve safer, more efficient, and operator friendly burner systems.  

  • Operator Training 

   Interested in learning more about our burner management systems? Contact us and we will set up a field training session. We make sure operators have the knowledge and resources they need to operate any burner system safely. 

  • Chemical Injection Management Systems

 Chemical injection control systems offer controlled introduction of chemical for a variety of applications. Utilizing the Profire PC180 control box we can control the amount of chemical Introduced to a system dependent on flow rate, temperature, time schedule, sampling rates, etc. Our system will only inject based on your  programmed control specifications offering increased chemical savings and eliminating downtime.  

  • Remote Power Packages

Midflow's remote power systems can be sized to meet any of your off grid power needs. Using a combination of Solar, Thermal Electric, and Fuel Cell power Midflow can provide the perfect off grid power supply for your application. 

  • Burner/Production Troubleshooting 

Having a burner or production equipment issue? Let us try to help. With years of experience in oil and gas production we have seen our fair share of equipment operating incorrectly. 

  • Various size Combustors/Incinerators Available 

  Midflow provides a wide range of combustion equipment options  for the destruction of waste gas. We are able to size a combustor to fit your specific needs, and ensure you  meet regulations. Whether you require a single combustor, a pack, or incinerator we are able to  provide the perfect set up to handle your vapor destruction needs. 


  • Preventative Maintenance Service Program 

   PRoduction and combustion  systems work the best when they are tuned and clean. Our technicians provide preventative maintenance on all burner equipment. Contact us if you are interested in setting up a program to keep your equipment running and avoid any downtime.